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Plasma Pen Treatment

What Is Plasma Pen Treatent?

ACCOR NF+ stands for Aesthetic Cosmetic Corrector Plasma Pen. This hand held device emits a small electrical arc from the tip of the pen without actually touching the skin. This plasma arc vaporises the skin giving an immediate tightening affect to the surrounding skin. These small points form scabs that drop off over the following week, post treatment, revealing a smoother and tighter skin.

What Does It Do?

It is suitable for lines and wrinkles, loose skin, scars, skin tags, warts, moles and pigmentation.  Skin tags will be treated instantly, whilst warts and pigmentation spots form crusts that will fall off within a few days.

What Is The Treatment?

The treatment itself is really straight forward. To ensure that it is as comfortable for you as possible, a local anaesthetic cream is applied 30 – 40 mins before commencing the procedure. You can expect a small degree of swelling when treating the eye area, which will go down within 3 or 4 days. Tiny, circular scabs form at each treatment point that take about 3 days to start falling away, but will take about a week until completely clear.

What About Aftercare?

You will be provided with aftercare to minimise infection risk. Once the skin has healed you will be left with a more youthful, radiant skin.

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